Army, judiciary weakening Pak’s democracy: Sharif

Karachi: Launching yet another scathing attack on the country’s institution, former Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday said that democracy in the country was being threatened by the factions of the judiciary and the army.

Speaking at an event titled- ‘The future of democracy in Pakistan’, Sharif said, “There are several factions within certain institutions which are trying to topple the government, which sabotages the very core of democracy.”

Referring to Pakistan’s shaky democratic history, Sharif added that whenever the government tried to strengthen democracy, there were a “few” biased individuals who were trying to impose dictatorship instead.

“Every time we looked for support from the judiciary, it supported dictatorship instead, leaving us weak,” he stated.

Political scenario is not completely clear anymore. Even after 70 years, why such seminars are needed?, he questioned.

The former Pakistan Minister requested all to fight for a stable and a peaceful democracy in the country.

“I request media, all activists, all people to fight for democracy. my heart guarantees and warrants that we have realised how crucial democracy is. We have to make a collective effort and I stand with the nation,” he added.

Sharif has been at loggerheads with the judiciary, criticising it for colluding with vested interests.

The Pakistan Supreme Court had earlier disqualified Sharif as the prime minister, after an inquiry into the 2016 Panama Papers which linked his family to offshore companies.

A five-member bench of the Supreme Court, on July 28, had directed the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to file references against Sharif and his three children.

He blamed the country’s highest court for his removal from the office and stated that the evidence found against him in the Panama Paper leaks case was “false and imaginary”. (ANI)