Army facing shortage of ammunition; Ministry of Defence informed

Sunday, 26 July, Drass (JK): Army on Sunday acknowledged that there was a shortage of ammunition, but said the government was seized of the matter and attempts were being made to address the issue.

“See it has been reported in Parliament, there is some shortages of ammunition that exist and lets not really direct it at any one or specific to one border. The weaponry is common in the Indian Army but there are some shortages in some ammunition and there are efforts to try and build up these stocks,” Army’s Northern Commander Lt Gen D S Hooda said.

He said though the day-to-day operations of the army would not be affected by the shortage, there needs to be a huge build up in a war-like situation.

“Frankly, it will not, sort of, effect the day to day operation.That level of stocks is available. But if you are looking at war time, then you need to build up huge amount of stocks. There are some shortages and the government is seized of it. The MoD is seized of it and there are attempts (to address that),” he said.

On the implementation of One Rank One Pension (OROP), he said the government has accepted it and “I am hopeful that it will come”.

Lt Gen Hooda said the force understands the requirements of its soldiers and was extremely sensitive to their needs.

“Frankly, the military is such an organisation where the bonding is close.The kind of welfare that we look into, basic items are all there for the soldier. Let me tell you that as far as the requirement of the soldiers is, everyone is extremely sensitive to their needs and the one sole agenda of the senior officers is that the guy on the border has what he needs,” he said.