Archeological Dept. eyeing to usurp Masajid in Delhi, says Amanatullah Khan

New Delhi: Once again the Dept. of Archeology has made an attempt to usurp Wakf properties of New Delhi. It has issued notice to Delhi Wakf Board for undertaking repair and beautification works in six masajid.

Delhi Wakf Board expressed its wrath and said, ‘Who is Archeological Dept. to take possession of Masajid under the pretext of repair and beautification?’. It maintained that at any cost these masajid will not be handed over to Archeological Dept.

It may be mentioned that the person in charge of maintenance of Wakf properties in Mehroli, Mr. Mohammed Younus has been suspended under the charges of irregularities.

The local residents opined that Dept. of Archeology is eyeing on Wakf properties.

Maulana Naseeruddin told that there is no need for repair and beautification of these masajid. He mentioned that earlier, this Dept. had taken possession of many masajid under the same pretext and later, stopped worship and Islamic education in those masajid.

When Chariman of Wakf Board, Mr. Amanatullah Khan was contacted, he told that these masajid will not be given to Archeology Dept. as the management of these properties rests with Delhi Wakf Board.

In fact, the Dept. of Archeology has been making an attempt for the past 6 years to construct the park in Mehroli area. Many agencies are involved to take up this work. So far, 64 wakf properties have been taken by Archeological Dept. and cases are pending in the court.