Archbishop’s concern not unconstitutional: Prof Tahir Mahmood

New Delhi: Noted lawyer and former president National Minority Commission Prof Tahir Mahmood said that expression of concern by some Christian spiritual leaders is not against constitution or law. Referring to the controversy triggered by the letter issued by Delhi’s archbishop Anil Couto, Prof Mahmood said Christians are the equal citizen of the country. They also have a right to comment upon the country’s situation under freedom of expression like others. It cannot be considered against the integrity of the country from any angle. it is the fundamental right of every citizen to invite people’s attention towards it, if anything is happening which is violating the basic ideals of the constitution. Prof Tahir Mahmood explained that according to the section 4 A of the India constitution it is the fundamental duty of the citizens to follow constitution and respect its principles and institutions.

Hence if any responsible or sensitive citizen of the country, irrespective of the religious community he belongs, feel that other citizens are violating the principles of constitution and are disrupting peace of the country then he has every right to invite people’s attention towards it. It cannot be objected.