Araria: Sultan Aazmi, Shehjad arrested over alleged ‘anti-India, pro-Pak’ sloganeering

ARARIA: The Bihar Police on Friday arrested two men allegedly from Araria in connection with the claimed that supporters of the winning candidate Sarfaraz Alam are raising ‘anti-India, pro-Pakistan’ slogans.

The police have arrested Sultan Aazmi and Shehjad over a viral video that showed three persons raising pro-Pakistan and anti-India slogans.

Earlier on Thursday evening, a protest broke out in Araria demanding action against three men after a video surfaced on the internet showing them raising pro-Pakistan and anti-India slogans.

After the video surfaced, police were on a look out of the absconding men seen in the video.

Araria is a Muslim-dominated area with over 40 % the population belonging to the religion.

Araria witnessed polling on March 11 as by-elections were necessitated in the parliamentary constituency following Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Mohammed Taslimuddin’s death last year.

His son Sarfaraz Alam on Wednesday won the by-election.

Soon after the results, Union Minister Giriraj Singh claimed the victory of RJD’s Sarfaraz Alam would make Araria a terrorism hub.

“The RJD has started a new political culture for its political ambitions… They have spawned an extremist ideology which is a danger not only to Bihar but also to the country in the coming days. It will become a hub of terrorism,” he claimed.

ANI inputs