Arabs demand action against MP Surya for his anti-muslim remarks

New Delhi: 29- year Member of Parliament (MP) Tejasvi Surya is a lightning rod again, this time for Arabs.

The MP posted many defamatory and insulting tweets insulting people, which he had to delete. One such recent tweet by the MP receives international attention and criticism due to which he was forced to delete his tweet.

This tweet posted in 2015 with an “objectionable” comment about Arab women. The tweet was highlighted by various prominent citizens of Arab nations.

The tweet he made was replied hardly by the women of the Arab states.

Among the first to call out, Surya was a Dubai-based businesswoman Noora Al-Ghurair, who said she “pitied the upbringing that has taught him to disrespect women”. She also warned him against “travelling to Arab lands if he is ever bestowed a foreign ministry”. 

Mejbel Al-Sharika lawyer and also Director of International Human Rights—Kuwait said via a tweet, “I will adopt the cause of Muslims in India at United Human Rights Council in Geneva for #freeIndia.”

Al-Nasir stated “Every year more than 55 billion dollars are sent to India from Gulf countries and more than 120 billion dollars is all the Muslim countries.

Indian (Hindus) are treated well in these countries and in return, how are Muslims treated in India?” he asked.