AR Rahman shares poster of ‘Daughters of Destiny’

Mumbai: A.R. Rahman shared the poster of the series ‘Daughters of Destiny’ on his official Twitter account, a documentary to be released on Netflix this Friday. The Oscar winning Mozart of Madras has composed music for the series which has been directed by academy award winner, Vanessa Roth.

The story is based on Shanti Bhavan Children Project established at Bengaluru in 1997. Which provides free education to underprivileged children, the lives of the children studying in the school will be brought to life through ‘Daughters of Destiny’, Justice news reports.

The documentary revolves around five girls from India’s impoverished families as they study and strive for a brighter future.

Shanti Bhavan:

The institute was founded by Dr Abraham George, an Indian American businessman and philanthropist under his NGO The George Foundation.

Shanti Bhavan dedicates itself for the education of poor Dalit children who have been denied education by upper caste for centuries. Dalits are those people who were not given any position of the Vedic Varna system. It supports the education of children who are as young as four and gives them financial aid throughout their college.