AR Rahman responds to question “If I convert to Islam, will I be successful too?”

Mumba: Oscar-winning musician A.R. Rahman, whose biography “Notes of a Dream: The Authorized Biography of A.R. Rahman” was launched recently said that people usually ask him, “If I convert to Islam, will I be successful too?”.

According to the report published in Hindustan Times, responding to the question, he said, “It is not about converting or not. It’s whether you find the spot, whether it presses that button in you. So for me the spiritual teachers, the sufi teachers taught me and my mom things which are very very special, which are there in many faiths. So this is the faith that we took and we stand by it”.

Further talking about his faith, he said, “It save me from many falls because between every prayer there is ‘Oh! I have to do the prayer so I can’t do this mischief’. So the evening prayer is gonna come so then I can’t do. So it covers you and a sense of peace comes in early morning…in other faiths too”

Responding to another question, “In today’s time, how important is it not to impose one’s belief, one’s faith onto another?”, he said, “You can’t impose anything”.

‘Notes of a Dream…’ has been a journey for me: A.R. Rahman

“Notes of a Dream: The Authorized Biography of A.R. Rahman” which was written by author Krishna Trilok in association with Landmark and Penguin Random House was launched here on Saturday.

“‘Notes of a Dream’ has been a journey for me that took me to those corners of my life which have remained candid for a long time. The insightful conversations with Krishna Trilok have unravelled parts of my creative and personal life which are not known to many,” Rahman said in a statement.

He said he is humbled by the people who have showered their love and prayers on him by loving my work.

“Nothing could be possible without their acceptance. Hope this book creates a sense of positivity, perseverance, and love among the readers. It is an uplifting and balancing act of words put together in soothing sentences by Trilok,” he added.

Trilok called it a magical journey as an author to be able to tell the story of Rahman.

“Hearing this legend talk about so many parts of his professional and personal life, his way of looking at the world and the universe, the future, was a song in itself. This journey of making it happen was nothing short of a dream,” he added.