Apps using unique technology algorithms to ease our life

New Delhi: Today, technology algorithms are making us the king of our lives with Artificial intelligence algorithm, machine learning algorithms etc where machines can think and work like humans.

Whether you are looking for a house or tracking your family member, it has solutions for almost everything.

Here are few apps which are giving us the ease to live a better life:

Tenants have been paying brokerage year on year without seeing any advantage of the middleman. The only reason the intermediation existed was that there was a huge information asymmetry in the market. removes this information asymmetry and provides a marketplace for the free exchange of this information that used to cost 1-2 months of rent as brokerage. The portal works on the backbone of an algorithm that identifies and bans brokers from the portal.


It enables one to create and share journeys with their friends in real-time. With live routes and photos, RoadCast makes it easy to stay connected with loved ones on a trip. It is a two-way live travel social network, using technology like Business Intelligence, IoT. One can invite their friends or followers to join them in their journey by simply sharing a link.

Google Allo

Google Allo is a smart messaging app that helps you say more and do more. Express yourself better with stickers, Smart Reply, and HUGE emojis and text. Allo brings you the Google Assistant.


ELSA, your English Language Speech Assistant, coaches you to speak English like an American. Powered by award-winning speech recognition technology, ELSA figures out where your pronunciations mistakes are and show you how to improve.


EasilyDo streamlines your tasks by connecting to apps & services you care about. Connect and manage your email accounts and calendars from Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange and IMAP accounts, and other services like LinkedIn, Evernote and Facebook. Also supports virtually all airlines, hotels, restaurants, shipment providers, and rental car companies. (ANI)