Apps that millennials love for doorstep delivery


Updated: Jul 14, 2018 13:23 IST

New Delhi [India], July 14 (ANI): One of the greatest joys of modern living for millennials is the easy access to almost all possible services.With even the Delhi Government taking cue from all the amazing Apps that provide for a plethora of doorstep services which can be accessed in the comfort of home, it is only right that you know the world of Apps which give you a myriad of services from the comfort of your home.Here are five apps to sort your doorstep delivery services:Uber EatsWe all love Uber. The simple pleasure of having cab at attractive rates and at your disposal within minutes of booking it to be dropped at the exact location you want cannot be beat. But Uber takes it up a notch with Uber Eats. Stepping it up with its network, Uber now does food pick and drops from a restaurant of your choice in a turnaround time of 10 minutes. So even if a place doesn’t deliver, all you need to do is book it via Uber Eats and enjoy the pleasures of being a couch potato.PitstopA perfect mood-kill for a perfect day off is taking the car for servicing and standing in the Sun the whole day. Beating the heat here is Pitstop. With its pick and drop services, discounted charges and the benefit of a tracking mechanism for updates, Pitstop makes your car and bike servicing and repairing a breeze. No need to step out in the Sun or give up on that lazy afternoon siesta. Just book it, track it and relax it out to the max.MilkbasketIt’s a nice lazy day and all you want to do is chill in the bed. But time, tide and daily groceries stop for no man. Unless it’s Milkbasket to the rescue. With the Milkbasket App all you need to do is schedule your grocery list and the time you want it. With a vast and thorough quality check and delivery mechanism, all your groceries are delivered every day before 7 am. With comforts like that, why would you ever leave the bed?PaytmWith Paytm’s Forex services, you can now order for currency in the comfort of your home in the best rates without roaming about random currency exchange stores and haggling for the best rates. With this home service, you won’t even have to worry about security while getting it to your home. All you need to do is put in your request for the currency you want, the exchange rate you’re comfortable with, place your order and wait for a bit before it is delivered to you. It’s that simple.AmazonYou want to relax over the weekend by watching a match, a nice relaxed lunch and a prized afternoon nap, but the Missus bothering you to go shopping. Amazon comes to the rescue with its hugely expansive list of items across categories and at amazing offers making it even more tempting. Clothes, house items, appliances or anything else you fancy- it’s all here. (ANI)


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