Applicants of Shaadi Mubarak scheme face hurdles due to fresh stipulations

Hyderabad: As the mandal offices have been insisting that applicants provide `first marriage’ certificate, several applicants of Shaadi Mubarak scheme have been facing a lot of hardships. The revenue officials who are in charge of verification of various applications are imposing fresh stipulations creating hurdles for the applicants. It must be noted that ‘first marriage certificate’ is not on the list of documents which is to be provided to the mandal office.

Syed Qutubuddin, a social activist pointed out that it was strange on part of revenue officials to ask for first marriage certificates. ‘Do they mean to say that divorcees cannot apply? What if the lady was married once and it ended in a divorce. If she was not a previous beneficiary of the scheme, then it is wrong to ask for a first marriage certificate’, he maintained.

It was also complained that revenue officials have been asking for birth certificates even if the applicants produced other proof of age such as an Aadhaar Card.

However Deputy Director of Commissionerate for Minorities Welfare Subhash Chandra Goud said that the Minorities Welfare Department has already dealt with the issue and a memo has been sent to Tehsildar of all mandals not to insist for a birth certificate.