Apple’s upcoming products will ‘blow you away,’ promises Tim Cook

After lower-than-expected iPhone sales and missing revenue forecast, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently had talks with its investors, who were worries over Apple’s diminishing market over the expensive iPhones.

As Apple’s investors are worried over the decline in iPhones sale, Tim Cook has promised them that future products that will be launched will ‘blow’ them away for sure.

According to Bloomberg, Tim Cook had a lot to talk about at the annual general meeting in Cupertino, California. Tim Cook during the meeting told its investors that the company has been “planting seeds” and “rolling the dice” on future products.

Tim has also shown his positive behaviour about where Apple is today and where it is heading in future. Tim also stated that Apple is still on track and has aimed positively to double the revenue by 2020.

Additionally, Tim also did mention about a ‘great roadmap of fantastic devices’ ahead in 2019.

Earlier Tim Cook warned investors in a letter that Apple’s first-quarter earnings were likely to be weaker than expected, as fewer consumers bought Apple’s new iPhones. He revealed that the company is expected a USD 9 billion loss in revenue over weak iPhone demand