Apple’s Logic Pro X update brings Alchemy synthesizer, support for Apple Music’s Connect

Washington D C, Aug. 26 : Apple has released an update for its professional music-creation app Logic Pro X

According to the Verge, the Logic 10.2 now has a feature called Alchemy which is a software synthesizer originally developed by Camel Audio before Apple buys the developer earlier this year.

Alchemy can create sounds using samples or multiple types of synthesis, including virtual versions of old-school analog synthesizers. It has many filters and modulation options which come as part of the package as well, offering a lot of potential sounds but also creating an array of combinations.

The different sounds or parameters can be placed across the eight different segments of ‘transform pad’. It is a simple grid, but as the user drags their cursor across the segments, the sound mixes and morphs fluidly. Alchemy comes preloaded with over 3,000 presets.

In addition, MainStage has also received an update which allows the users to play Logic’s software instruments in a real-time, performance-oriented setting.

The Logic Pro X update now allows sharing songs directly with Apple Music’s Connect.

Logic Pro X 10.2 is available now as a free update for Logic Pro X owner, but Alchemy comes with a 14GB of additional samples. (ANI)