Apples fetch good prices for growers in Himachal Pradesh

Shimla :The apple growers in Himachal Pradesh are delighted as the fruit is fetching them good prices and the state expects the production to reach 50 million.

The vice-chairman of Himachal Pradesh Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC), Mohinder Satan, said that around 50 million apples are being harvested this year.

“Growers are getting better facilities and a good rate. This year the production is estimated to reach somewhere around 50 million. We have been working hard for it,” he added.

“The beginning of the apple business has been very good as compared to the last year. This year the farmers are getting good rates for their fruit,” said Kailas Phadyia, a fruit commission agent.

The state produces 5.50 lakh metric ton apples on an average per year.

The livelihood of many people is dependent on apple production, which generates huge revenue for the people. (ANI)