Apple working on most demanded feature in Apple Watch

Hyderabad: Ever since the launch of the first Apple Watch, the one feature that has been wanted by most is adding an always-on feature. Users have been wondering as to why Apple has not added this simple but useful feature.

The two main reasons why Apple engineers have been reluctant to add this feature as having an always-on display would cause two major issues, screen burn-in and a heavy drain on the battery. These were the reasons why it has not included this feature. But now it seems like Apple has found a way for that. Though its still hard to say when Apple will launch its watch with this feature.

As the upcoming Apple event is around the corner, there‚Äôs a chance that the Apple Watch 4 will be revealed at the same time along with the upcoming iPhones and a recently filed Apple patent reveals this plan to make big changes to the smartwatch’s screen.

There are also reports that Apple had made a major change in the upcoming Apple watch design.

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