Apple Watch Series 7 to have a limited launch stock: Report

San Francisco: Apple is expected to launch a new Watch Series 7 next month in larger 41mm as well as 45mm case sizes and now a new report has claimed that the production problems may delay the release of some or all models.

According to Mark Gurman’s “Power On” newsletter, the issues in production could lead to one of three outcomes, rather the announcement of the models will be delayed, Apple will release the new models on time but in small quantities, or Apple will announce the models on time but delay the sale to consumers, reports AppleInsider.

However, Gurman believes that an announcement in September will still go ahead, with a mix of limited stock releases for some models.

The Apple Watch Series 7 may feature a smaller “S7” chip, potentially providing more space for a larger battery or other components.

This new chipset will be built from Taiwanese supplier ASE Technology. On its website, ASE Technology confirmed that its double-sided technology will allow for module miniaturization.

Based on previous reports, Apple Watch Series 7 models are expected to debut later this year, with Mark Gurman claiming that Apple has tested thinner display bezels.

The Cupertino based tech giant is also planning to introduce a new lamination technique that reduces the gap between the display and the cover glass, due to this the overall chassis of the Watch may be slightly thicker.