Apple to boost iPhone shipments by 30% in 2022: Report

San Francisco: Apple is reportedly planning to increase iPhone shipments by 30 per cent for the first half of next year with the larger goal of exceeding 300 million iPhone shipments in 2022.

Persons familiar with the matter said that Apple is seeking to beat its objective of distributing 300 million iPhones by 2022 and the shipments of the iPhone 13 range will climb by 30 per cent in the first half of the year, reports DigiTimes.

To attain this goal, major component companies have been notified to adapt to supply and demand plans. The goal can turn out to be quite a challenge considering the global semiconductor shortages.

According to market intelligence company TrendForce, iPhone market share for Q4 2021 to hit 23.1 per cent, up from 15.9 per cent last quarter.

There have been significant shortages of components including 4G SoCs, low-end 5G SoCs, display panel driver ICs, etc.

TrendForce further said that Apple’s iPhone 13 launch was a big success. The total iPhone production for 3Q21 registered a QoQ increase of 22.6 per cent to 51.5 million units.

In addition, supply chain reports on production levels suggest Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi, and Vivo are all likely to see their market share fall, while Apple will see its share grow from 15.9 per cent last quarter to 23.2 per cent the current one.