Apple releases iOS 13.2.3 with more bug fixes

San Francisco: Apple has released iOS 13.2.3, which fixes a variety of weird bugs in iPhone’s Mail, Photos and Files apps and more.

The latest update includes a fix for the Spotlight system search feature that had been failing for some users recently.

The iPhone maker on its support page said that this iOS update also fixes an issue that could prevent apps from downloading content in the background.

In terms of the update size, iOS 13.2.3 is around 90MB in size, however, the actual size may vary with the device.

This new incremental update comes on the heels of iOS 13.2.2 which addressed issues with apps running in the background and more.

Users can be download iOS 13.2.3 by navigating to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Genera,’ ‘About,’ and finally ‘Software Update.’

Apart from fixing the background app issue, the fix also handles issues where iPhone could temporarily lose mobile signal after a call and another “where mobile data may temporarily not be available”.