Appealed to Muslim Community on Eid ul Adha

Various Muslim scholars and clerics have appealed to the Muslim community to refrain from sacrificing of cows on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. Addressing a press conference at Media Plus Auditorium, President of Sunni Ulema Board, Maulana Hamid Husain Shuttari appealed to the Muslims that they should avoid sacrificing cows. It will send a message of religious tolerance to other compatriots. It will also help defeat the foul ambitions of miscreants. Maulana Khairuddin Qadri told that an all party meeting was held at Urdu Ghar Moghalpura presided over by Maulana Hamid Mohammed Khan. In this meeting, a resolution was passed not to sacrifice cows. If this resolution is implemented, it will worry all those who claim to be the protectors of cows. amia Nizamia issued a fatwa (religious decree) that the Muslims can sacrifice bullocks, buffalos, camels etc. This campaign should be propagated throughout the country. Maulana Asif Umari told that there is a need to send a tough message to the miscreants. He further told that all the exporters of beef are non-Muslims. He also appealed to the Muslims to maintain cleanliness on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. (Photo: Zabi)