This app delivers personalised, timely aide to new parents

New Delhi: This Parents’ Day, relieve your worries as Parentlane, an app-based social platform, is here to offer personalised guidance and trusted advice on raising kids.

This app lets you create your baby’s account. Here, you can upload photos and notes and share them with family, friends and experts on your network.

Vijay Anand, Parentlane’s co-founder and CEO, told ANI: “Every child is uniquely different and there are several parameters like their growth and development pattern, parenting style, lifestyle, social circle, culture, family type, community, ecocnomic background and several other machine data points that play crucial role in understanding a child to deliver personalised recommendations. Parentlane is taking the first big step in setting up a deep learning framework to automatically enrich the personalization layer with more data points and user growth.”

He added, “The uniqueness of Parentlane app is that it not only delivers personalized advice during all stages of early child development by deeply understanding the child, it’s infact the first parenting app to allow parents to capture video moments of their child’s development and connect with other children in your close network as well to learn during this critical journey.”

Followings are the key features

– Captures moments of your child’s development: Every precious moment of a child’s development can be captured in a single place and further shared with the user’s close network.

– Involves friends, family and experts virtually in your child’s development: Parentlane allows you to get your child connected with all of them and they receive live feeds and updates about the child for them to participate whereever they are. With 70 percent of India living in nuclear families, Parentlane comes in handy for anyone looking to connect with their favourite children remotely and participate in their development. Parentlane delivers personalized and relevant content and insights from a trusted community of fellow parents, friends, family and child care experts at every stage of a child’s development. This content includes tips, activities and food recipes for children aged up to 8 years.

– Child search and connect: Parentlane is the only platform in India which allows you to search and connect with your favourite children in your network and get live updates. Be it your friends and family or your child’s close friends, get live updates that will enable you to participate, learn and contribute to the child’s development and share important information.

– Personalized feeds as per child’s timeline: Parentlane’s entire content is structured to deliver core values on baby care and child development to ensure that its vast knowledge on core subjects is shared among users who would consider it extremely valuable.

– Child development videos: Videos are expected to account for 80 percent of internet content in the next three years. Parentlane is the first platform in India to have invested in this format very early by allowing community members and parents to create videos of their child’s moments, activities or recipes, directly by recording and publishing on the app. Videos can also be the most credible way for experts to showcase their expertise or views to other parents.

– Content marketing platform for experts: Parentlane allows experts to showcase their expertise and profile by giving them a platform to create and market their content.

– Technology – Data Science and Machine Intelligence: Every child is unique. That is why Parentlane leverages Data Science and Artificial Intelligence extensively to comprehend a child on several parameters. An inbuilt intelligent feedback loop will deliver/recommend personalized rich information at the right time to make a difference and win the trust of new parents, to ensure a future filled with healthy, smart and h appy kids. (ANI)