Apologize for uttering blatant lies, KCR demands Amit Shah

Condemning the pungent comments of BJP national Chief Amit Shah as blatant lies, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Wednesday said he was not scared of 2019 elections.

Addressing the media at Pragathi Bhavan here on Wednesday, the Chief Minister ridiculed the BJP national president for bragging that his party would wrest power inTelangana State in 2019 general elections. KCR also challenged Amit Shah to clarify on his “utter lies” and making cheap politics. “Shah should tender apology for hampering the development of the State by making false comments for dirty politics. He also said, “If figures given under are proved wrong, I will resign to chief minister post”, KCR said. The Chief Minister reiterated that Telangana State, one of the richest States of India attracts investments and doing Rs one lakh crore software export business and contributing to the nation through foreign exchange.

“We welcome Amit Shah to strengthen his party and contest elections,” he said rubbishing aside the remarks that the Centre had given Rs 90,000 crore and Rs 20,000 crore additionally every year. “As the Chief Minister of Telangana, I say that the State Government paid Rs 50,013 crore tax money to the Centre as other States do and received only Rs 24,561 crore as part of tax devolution to all the States as part of federal system. As the president of national party, Shah cannot utter such blatant lies during his three-day visit to the State and Nalgonda, he fumed. Shah, who heckled the people of Telangana, should apologise for talking vaguely on the High Court bifurcation, he said.

The Chief Minister said Telangana was among other six rich States contributing handsomely for national growth, including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Delhi, Gujarat,Maharashtra while north eastern States are financially weak. KCR also took serious exception to the BJP chief using “mindless” words. Shah can make comments against me and not against the State’s development, he said. Telangana has received Rs 37,773 crore in the last three years, Central-sponsored schemes Rs 18,574 crore, Rs 2,055 crore sanctioned for National Highways which are yet to be received. The Centre gave two installments of Rs 1,016 crore and gave three installments to Andhra Pradesh as per AP Reorganization Act. Rs 50160 crore through 14th Finance Commission for drought relief and other problems.

When brought this disparity to his notice, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured to avoid doing injustice and he asked Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to release the remaining of the funds. He also said the Centre was yet to release Rs 1,2140 crore under CST funds and Rs 11,600 crore CAMPA funds. India being a federal country can release funds to the State as devolution and TS has right to claim them, he said. Though Telangana sought Rs 19,000 crore for Mission Bhagiratha and Rs 5,000 crore forMission  Kakatiya, the Centre did not give even 19 paisa and 5 paisa respectively for these programs. The Telangana society will not pardon the BJP and its chief for blatant lies and coming in its growth, he warned. If Shah fails to apologize before going to Delhi, it amounts to the Centre doing gross injustice to the State, KCR warned.

            The Chief Minister pointed out that his government increased monthly salary to some extent to Asha and Anganwadi workers of he Centre. While the Centre was giving Rs 209 crore for its schemes, the State government was spending Rs 5,000 crore for the cause of the people. He slammed Shah for saying that pensions were denied to the eligible in Teratpally village while the State Government was spending Rs 38,000 crore towards pension disbursal. For Dalit welfare, the Centre spends Rs 52,392 crore, while TS spends Rs 14,300 crore for STs. The Centre spends Rs 31,919 crore just 3 per cent TS alone Rs 8,165 cr 15 per cent.

“In the last three years, we are running around the Centre for bifurcation of High Court in vain. Unless the High Court was bifurcated, the division of the united State would not be complete”, KCR said. Telangana people aware about TRS welfare schemes and programs for all the sections and what BJP has done for them, he said.

The Chief Minister also recalled that Narendra Modi himself had asked the BJP leadership to make efforts at 100 places across the nation for the cause and welfare of the Muslim Minorities, who are lagging behind in every sphere. Hindu and Muslims are living together for centuries together in Telangana region and in Hyderabad and other places, he said. KCR also recalled that Mahatma Gandhi, during his address at Vivekavardhini School at Jambagh meeting in 1927 had said North Indians should learn to emulate Telangana in terms of co-existence of Muslims and the Hindus. No decision was taken yet on new Presidential elections and party meeting will decide on May 27. “I respect Modi but shall fight with Centre to achieve our federal and constitutional rights. I have seen many storms and Shah’s visit was not at all a wind,” he said. BJP will not win a single seat if elections are held now, he added.

            Several ministers, MPs, party leaders were present. (NSS)