Apollo Hospital sets up committee to inquire into organ sale racket

New Delhi: Indraprastha Apollo hospital on Tuesday said that it has set up an independent inquiry committee to investigate the alleged organ sale racket, which also involved two assistants of a nephrology surgeon associated with the hospital.

“In light of the investigation into the alleged organ sale racket in Delhi, Indraprastha Medical Corporation Limited (Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals) has constituted an independent inquiry committee to look into the matter,” said a hospital statement.

According to them eminent jurist and Punjab and Haryana High Court’s former Chief Justice Mukul Mudgal has been invited to head the committee.

“Joining him shall be forensic expert, N.C. Sood along with an eminent medical professional,” said the statement.

The committee will study the existing system for authorization in the hospital and give its recommendations to ensure that the current approval mechanisms are strengthened.

“In the interest of patient safety, it would also suggest safeguards to ensure that such an incident is not repeated in the future,” said the statement.

Five people including the two assistants were arrested last week in an alleged organ sale racket.