AP Waqf Board demands its share of Rs. 70 crore

Hyderabad: Dispute arises between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State Waqf Boards over transfer of amounts. AP Waqf Board claims that it has still to get Rs 66.17 crore from Telangana Waqf Board. Several rounds of talks between secretaries of Minorities Welfare Departments of both the states have been held without any success in getting the matter resolved. Only Rs 5.90 crore has been paid by Telangana Waqf Board towards FDR’s.

Shaikh Mohammed Iqbal, competent authority, A.P Waqf Board says, the money due to AP Waqf Board should be given as per the Reorganisation Act.

As reported by Telangana Today, the AP Waqf Board is also demanding payment of Rs 24.01 crore invested by it in sites adjacent to the Hajj House building in Hyderabad for purchase of land for commercial purpose. Further it also staking claim on Rs 3 crore invested by it in the construction of the present Hajj House building besides Rs 4.5 crore towards the running cash balance as on September 8, 2015, the appointed day, in the ratio of 45:55.

AP Waqf Board has also sought intervention of Union Ministry of Minority Affairs in this regard and the matter was also raised in the regional conference of minority Ministers recently held in Chennai.

Syed Omer Jaleel, secretary, Minorities Welfare, Telangana has put blame on AP Waqf Board. He says they are ready to pay AP’s due but AP Waqf Board should also pay Rs. 53 crore due to Telangana Waqf Board. He says in the combined State the scholarship amount given by the Government of India was not disbursed and got accumulated. There was a scam also in the A.P. Minorities Finance Corporation a couple of years back. “The undisbursed amount belonged to both the states and Telangana should get Rs 53 crore,” he said.

Meanwhile AP Waqf Board is facing severe cash crunch in running day to day affairs of the board. According to AP Waqf Board sources the board is forced to borrow funds from some Dargahs to run the show.