AP: TDP demands apology from MLA Roja for comments against Nara Bhuvaneswari

Hyderabad: TDP general secretary Panchmarthi Anuradha on Tuesday strongly criticized YSRCP Nagari MLA Roja for making ‘objectionable comments’ against former CM and actor NT Rama Rao’s daughter and NTR Trust managing trustee Nara Bhuveswari.

Anuradha demanded that Roja should tender unconditional apologies to former CM Chandrababu Naidu’s wife. “While the women from the weaker sections and backward classes were lauding Bhuvaneswari’s service activities, Roja is speaking disrespectfully with no respect for values and morals. Jagan Reddy used mother and sister before polls but left them to their fate after coming to power,” she remarked.

Addressing a press conference at Amaravati, the TDP leader said Roja made her followers welcome her with buckets of flowers just for the inauguration of one single water tap. “But, Bhuvaneswari arrived in a very humble manner and gave away cheques for Rs. 1 lakh each to 48 families who lost their loved ones and property in the recent floods in Chittoor, Kadapa, Nellore, and other areas,” she added.

Anuradha said that through NTR Trust, Bhuvaneswari has been actively taking up service activities. “She also ensured the supply of medicines and services during the Coronavirus pandemic time. In the latest floods, the NTR Trust supplied food packets, medicines and drinking water in the affected areas. Roja has never got herself involved in such service activities,” she remarked.

The TDP leader warned MLA Roja they would expose her illegal wealth making activities in the coming days. “Roja should explain whether she had used corrupt money or not to buy 11 acres of prime lands in Devanahalli area near Bangalore. Agreements were also signed. These lands were bought with corrupt money amassed through illegal mining in the Nagari assembly constituency.

Anuradha alleged that the inauguration of industry in MLA Roja’s constituency was halted just because they have not agreed to pay her the demanded bribe. “Roja needlessly brought the name of Tahsildar Vanajakshi who herself said that she made a mistake during the TDP regime. Roja is not speaking on the countless atrocities on women officers and weaker sections girls,” she said.