AP police arrest 11-member gang, seize 107 stolen two-wheelers

Chittoor: Andhra Pradesh police on Tuesday arrested a gang of 11 members who stole 107 two-wheelers and a tractor across the four subdivisions of Chittoor district.

 The police arrested A. Vinod Kumar (25), C.G. Raji (47) and S. Ravi Chandra (32) from Chittoor sub division, while S. Satish Kumar (27), S. Venkateshwarlu (27), K. Subrahmanyam (18) and L. Jayachandra (55) were arrested from Puttur sub-division. Similarly, G. Murali (25), P. Kumareshan (34) and S. Jyothi (50) were held from Palamaneru sub-division.

Sajjala Yugandar (26) was the lone accused from Sri City while Kumareshan, Satish Kumar, Jayachandra and Murali are from Tamil Nadu. Following the registration of multiple vehicle theft cases in the district, superintendent of police S. Senthil Kumar ordered sub-divisional police officers to crack these cases.

The police formed teams and went ahead cracking down on the cases. “During the investigation, it was found out that these stolen vehicles were being sold in Andhra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu by the gang of 11,” said a police official.

According to police, the accused would lift two-wheelers parked in front of residences, shopping malls and shops.

 “After stealing the vehicles, they used to sell them cheap. They resorted to stealing vehicles to get easy money and fund their wayward lifestyle,” he noted.

 Sub-division wise two-wheeler seizures included 35 from Chittoor, 37 from Puttur, 28 from Palamaneru and eight from Sri City, totalling 107 vehicles.