AP: Nara Lokesh urges CM to transfer Rs 1309 Cr to panchayats

Amravati: Telugu Desam Party’s national general secretary, Nara Lokesh on Tuesday urged Andhra Pradesh chief minister Jagan Mohan Reddy to transfer Rs 1309 crore to all panchayats.

In a letter to the chief minister, Lokesh stated that the funds could be used by the sarpanches for developmental works. Taking a dig at the state government he said, “In the past two and half years, the AP Government snatched away over Rs. 1309 Cr from over 12,918 panchayats all across the state,” terming it unconstitutional. He called out the government for not informing the sarpanches and ward members regarding the money.

The TDP leader went on to say, “The panchayats are facing challenges to complete sanitation works. The Centre provided grants during the 14th and 15th planning commissions to the panchayats to lay roads, drains, drinking water pipelines, sanitation, and street lighting.” He further added that all these funds were snatched away. Lack of funds had totally ruined the panchayats.

He was of the view that the government had its ulterior motives, due to which it was withholding the funds. Furthermore, he condemned the state finance minister for saying that the funds’ worth Rs 344 Cr from the 14th Finance Commission funds released by the Centre four months ago were adjusted towards electricity arrears.

According to a press release, Lokesh alleged that the government had used up Rs 334 crore on the pretext of electricity arrears. He reminded that guidelines set by the Centre, prohibit the misuse of funds, further alleging that the YSRCP had violated all such guidelines.