AP govt shares school infra renovation software with Telangana

Hyderabad: The Andhra Pradesh government on Thursday gave its consent to Telangana to make use of its school infrastructure renovation software developed by the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

“If this is for the benefit of our Telugu people, we should provide them with the support they need,” said Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Similar to Andhra Pradesh’s ‘Nadu-Nedu’ scheme, the Telangana government has also embarked upon a school infrastructure development project.

“It is learnt that the government of Andhra Pradesh has developed an end-to-end software through TCS for its school infrastructure development project Nadu-Nedu,” Sandeep Kumar Sultania, the Education Secretary of Telangana, had said.

The Education Department of Telangana had got in touch with TCS as the software would be key for its school infrastructure development project.

“In this regard, the government of Telangana has been in touch with TCS. It has requested that a formal no objection certificate (NOC) may be obtained from the government of Andhra Pradesh since the software was originally developed for its use,” Sultania said.

On Wednesday, he had written to his Andhra Pradesh counterpart B. Rajsekhar for the NOC.

“I therefore request you to kindly give NOC for utilising the software, after due customisation under the applicable terms and conditions of TCS for the need of Telangana state,” Sultania wrote.

Meanwhile, senior YSRCP leader and Rajya Sabha member V. Vijayasai Reddy said on Wednesday that a delegation of 17 senior Telangana officials had visited Krishna district to study schemes like Nadu-Nedu.

Reddy said the officials were exploring the possibility of implementing programmes such as Nadu-Nedu in neighbouring Telangana.