AP CM disappointed with Budget not giving enough to state

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu today said that the union Budget failed to fulfil the promises made to the state at the time of bifurcation last year.

“At that time (when new states of AP and Telangana came ino existence) Congress had ditched Andhra Pradesh…NDA leaders, even Narendra Modi-ji, myself, we gave so many assurances to the people of Andhra Pradesh. In turn, they voted for NDA.

So it is our responsibility to protect their rights… we have to create a level-playing field. For that, we have to give some more time…Do hand-holding for Andhra Pradesh. For that, necessary funds, not only funds but policies and incentives have to be provided,” he said here.

Recalling that several promises have been made to (new) Andhra Pradesh in the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, he expressed disappointment that they have not been fulfilled in the Union Budget.

“Even today, people are thinking Government of India, NDA are not doing enough for them. I want to explain all these things to Government of India. I want to meet the Prime Minister. I want to meet the Finance Minister. I will explain all these details,” he said.

The people of Andhra Pradesh never wanted the bifurcation and it was forced on them, he said.

“There has been injustice to Andhra Pradesh (on the bifurcation issue). In the bifurcation Act, they have made some provisions for Andhra Pradesh, because it is a newly-formed state, some institutional back-up, special status, special package, industrial incentives, Polavaram project and also special railway zone…There are some incentives given,” he said.