Anyone can be looted, assaulted ‘in the name of beef’ in India

A daily business, people are getting killed, thrashed and now even robbed, but centre’s heedlessness continues.

Ainul Ansari did not know that he would be beaten up by goons when he was carrying mutton for Iftar.

The resident of Murahdih village, on his scooter, was returning home when a group of Rakshaks near Loharbarba village on the Dhanbad-Tundi road caught him at around 8 am on Tuesday, Dinesh Singh, an investigating police officer told DH.

The police, fortunately, reached the spot after getting information and rescued him.
After villagers insisted, the policeman searched the scooter and found meat.

His scooter and the meat were taken to Barbadda police station, Singh informed. Ansari was released on Wednesday from Patliputra Medical College Hospital (PMCH), when the doctors found that he had minor injuries.

These villagers alleged that Ansari was trading in beef despite the ban. A veterinary doctor was called to identify the meat, which was then taken to a laboratory in Ranchi.

Family members of Ainul denied the allegations of beef trade, “meat is available at a cheap rate in Dhanbad and that is why villagers bring it for Iftar party from there,” they said.

Villagers mistook mutton for beef and assaulted Ansari, the family said. No FIR was filed by anyone after the incident, as per the police.

The man’s wife, Sahida Begum, told the media that the attackers had snatched his mobile and Rs 1,500 during the assault.

If the villagers were so sincere in allegedly loving the cows, why did they even care for snatching the phone and money?