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Anurag Garg director of Webwork Trade Pvt Ltd arrested for online scam

Anurag Garg director of Webwork Trade Pvt Ltd arrested for online scam

Noida: A webwork Trade Pvt Ltd director, Anurag Garg, arrested by the police for online scam of Rs 200 crore. The company had been cheating thousands of people investing with them. Noida police demanded the headquarters to investigate the matter through the special Investigation Team.

According to, It can handle the cases of online fraud more powerfully said the Noida police. Four bank accounts of company and the Anurag Garg and Sandesh Verm, directors of Wed Works’s four accounts had been seized by the Noida police.

The police had no idea before, Additional Superintendent of Police; Gautam Budh Nagar said they are investigating to know the proper information about amount in the bank accounts.

Police got the information from the three bank accounts of the company which was having Rs 26.74 cores on Thursday. An FIR had been registered against the online firm in Noida Sector 2 on February 12.

After the FIR the office of the company was closed and their mobile phones were also switched off. The company director, Anurag Garg posted a video message on YouTube and hit the allegations.

“Our business is legal and investors should not worry as we will soon begin payments,” he said.

Work Trade Link Private Limited asked many people to invest money between Rs 11,000 and Rs 57,500 so that people can become a publisher in the online firm. The company started a username and password and many links of websites.

The publisher must like the page to gain the profit as the company norm promised to pay Rs 6 per like.