Anupam Kher calls for battle against depression

New Delhi: Veteran actor Anupam Kher has been an inspiration to several people and a guiding force for movie aspirants through his acting school.

In a new initiative, the 63-year-old took to his Twitter to lead a battle against depression and encourage the affected people to face it head-on.

In a video message posted on his Twitter, he encouraged people to put away their shyness and come out in the open about their issues.

In his post, Kher wrote, “Friends! This video is an attempt by me to spread awareness about the most silent and perhaps the biggest disease spreading at an alarming speed in the world today – DEPRESSION. Please make it reach out to people and help. Thanks. #LoveLifeLiveLife”.

The pro-life video, featuring the star, talks about the taboo associated with the depression. The two-minute-long video sees Kher interacting with those battling depression and openly extending support to them.

The video has garnered some good reviews on the micro-blogging site.

A fan wrote, “Thankyou Sir for this wonderful message. All we need is each other. Mental health has to be talked about and there is no shame in it.”

Another user posted, “Awsm Video sir. As told, depression is a silent disease and many of us doesn’t know we r dying of it daily. We should be motivated and always smiling in any phase of life.”

One user commented, “Depression is a serious health issue which either goes undiagnosed or people are afraid to even talk about it. Depression needs to be treated like any other health issue,it is not a stigma to suffer depression.”