Anti-Terrorism Court verdict in case against Imran on Dec 12

Islamabad: The Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) will give its verdict on December 12 on a plea to acquit Prime Minister Imran Khan for the attack on Pakistan’s Parliament and Pakistan Television (PTV) office.

The case dates back to August 31, 2014 when Khan was the Leader of Opposition.

His party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had staged a sit-in against the government. Later, the party members clashed with the police while moving towards Parliament House.

The then Nawaz Sharif government subsequently booked several leaders of PTI including Khan under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

When the previous government had filed a case against Khan, the government lawyer argued in the court against him. However, after he became the Prime Minister, in the last hearing, the public prosecutor did not oppose the release of Khan in the case.

Following this, the court had reserved the verdict.

The public prosecutor argued for the acquittal of the Prime Minister, saying: “We have no objection to the acquittal of Imran Khan in this case. The cases were filed for political reasons. Nothing is to be gained from them… the court’s time will be wasted.”

Judge Raja Javed Abbas said that many others have also filed petitions to be acquitted in the case and it is not possible that except for others, a decision is given only on the petition of Prime Minister Khan.