Anti-CAA stir may intensify in Delhi: Agencies to MHA

New Delhi: The situation is expected “to worsen” in the coming days in the national capital over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), according to information shared by the central intelligence agencies with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) here on Tuesday.

The agencies have stated that demonstrations against the government will continue for a longer period and would have communal repercussions. “The demonstrations/protests would not be limited to campuses. It is spreading across Delhi, especially in the Muslim-dominated areas,” the agencies said.

“Next flare-up places are Trilokpuri, Okhla, Chand Bagh, Karwal Nagar and the Jama Masjid,” the agencies have said. “The murmur over the CAA in Muslim colonies/areas is gaining ground,” flagged the agencies adding, “mobilisation and congregations have started”.

Political patronage

The agencies have also hinted that “these congregations” are getting “political patronage”. The agencies have roped in Muslim clerics to stop spreading of fake news and also to keep an eye on miscreants making provocative statements.

On the efficacy of the law enforcement agency – Delhi Police, the agencies have pointed to leadership crisis and the law and order being managed on “ad hoc” basis.

The post of the Special Commissioner of Police (law and order — North) is vacant and charge has temporarily been given to Special Commissioner of Police (crime) Satish Golcha, they have said pointing to complete disconnect between the police and the people on the ground.

On Tuesday, even after intelligence was shared with the law enforcement agencies about mobilisation in the Seelampur area, the Delhi Police could not gauge the ground situation and protestors” mood.

Satish Golcha, however, denied getting any intelligence inputs and told Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla that the “mob without prior information marched to Seelampur tri-junction”. Around 4-5,000 people indulged in minor violence, but the situation was under control, he said.

Violent protests

Violent protests erupted around 1.30 p.m as some protesters started throwing stones on buses. The police lobbed tear gas shells to disperse the mob. Many people were injured during the protest.