Another term for ‘Donald Trump’ should be ‘racist’, says activist Michael Moore

American left-wing filmmaker, activist and author Michael Francis Moore tweeted that all journalists should use the term ‘racist’ in place of US President Donald Trump’s name.

Trump had made headlines on Thursday by using an insensitive term ‘Sh**hole’ for Haiti, El Salvador and unspecified African countries. He was having a meeting in the Oval Office with US senators to discuss immigration.

The US president’s comment was criticised by US diplomats around the world. There came a global shock with this crude remark that has ever imagined in a semi-public meeting by the president of America.

Moore condemning Trump’s stand for African countries asked all journalists to use the word ‘racist’ for him.

“ALL journalists from now on, when referring to Trump, must use the word “racist” as a factual description of him. “The racist president of the US, Donald Trump, flew today to…” Or, “Trump, a racist, met with leaders of Congress…” Or,“Today, the racist Trump, signed a bill…” he wrote.