Another spring offensive will result in more suffering, destruction: UNSC

Geneva [Switzerland]: United Nations Security Council on Monday condemned the announcement of another spring offensive by the Taliban, saying it will “result in more suffering and destruction for the Afghan people.”

The global body also said that Afghan’s people “desire” peace in their country, reported Xinhua.

“The spring offensive will result in more suffering and destruction for the Afghan people. The members of the Security Council recognized the Afghan people’s strong desire for sustainable peace in Afghanistan. They underscored that calls for more fighting will not advance the goal of making a sustainable peace,” said a press statement released by the UNSC.

Last week, the Taliban had announced its annual spring offensive, with an aim of “eradicating occupation” and “cleansing Muslim homeland from invasion and corruption”.

It comes as a major setback to the US as it is holding talks with the Taliban since last year to end the conflict in the country.

The annual spring offensive marks the beginning of the so-called fighting season.

The Taliban has, since the announcement, launched a series of attacks against the government in the war-torn country. It attempted an attack near the district governor’s office in Shirzad district in Nangarhar province on Friday.