Another scam in TS Wakf Board exposed

Hyderabad: The case of release of fake NOC by the then CEO of TS Wakf Board is under investigation. Meanwhile, another scam came to limelight. It is related to the change of survey numbers of wakf land in Bhongir. Without taking the approval of TS Wakf Board gazette notification was published. Later, this scam came to the knowledge of the officials of TS Wakf Board. After knowing the details, Chairman of Wakf Board, Mr. Mohammed Saleem decided to issue a fresh notification by cancelling the earlier one.

According to the details of the case, there is wakf land attached to Jamia Masjid of Bhongir which starts with survey number 1. In connivance with the wakf mafia, the then CEO of Wakf Board allegedly issued errata in which the survey numbers have been recorded as 3-4 instead of 34.

After the release of errata, a gazette notification was also published on 13th July 2017. When wakf records were checked, the error in quoting survey numbers was exposed.

It is reported that the officials of Wakf Board issued errata violating the procedure of getting it approved by the chairman of Wakf Board.

Chairman assured that new notification will be issued soon.

–Siasat News