Another Muslim becomes victim of mob-lynching in Rajasthan

Jaipur: A 25-year-old migrant worker from Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur district, who was allegedly lynched by a mob on February 3 on suspicion of being a child lifter, died at a hospital on Wednesday.

When Mohammad Faisal Siddique was taking his friend Aslam Ansari’s two-year-old daughter to market to buy her chocolates some people suspected that he had kidnapped the child.

The mob of about 50 people tied up Siddique to an electric pole and thrashed him mercilessly. Police rescued him and rushed to SMS hospital with severe head injuries. After battling for life for 16 days Siddique succumbed to his injuries on Wednesday morning.

According to ENS news agency, the girl’s father Aslam Ansari denied the charges laid on deceased Mohammed Faisal Siddiqui. He said, “my daughter was fond of him as he used to buy chocolates and biscuits for her. At 11 am, I was told by someone that my daughter was found abandoned near Gautam Vihar road. I immediately rushed there and found my daughter standing alone while Siddique was being beaten by a mob of about 50 people.”

Girl’s father said that Faisal used to be with my daughter most of the time, but we didn’t see any inappropriate attitude towards him. If something was wrong my daughter would have told me. This is wrong to say that his intention was to molest my child.

After the incident occurred on February 3, Siddiqui’s younger brother Saif reached Jaipur from Kanpur and alleged that the doctors of Swami Mansingh hospital of Jaipur discharged his brother in critical condition. However, the hospital authorities denied the charges.

Two people were arrested in this connection. Nishant Modi and Mahrendra Kala, a history-sheeter – have been arrested under section 308 of IPC (attempt to commit culpable homicide).