Another Japanese Princess renounces royal title to marry commoner

Tokyo: Japanese Princess Ayako will give up her royal title to marry a commoner.

According to CNN, the 27-year-old Princess is now engaged to Kei Moriya, a commoner.

The duo will read their vows at the Meiji Jingu Shrine in Shibuya Ward in Tokyo on October 29.

“He proposed to me this year having a dinner at a restaurant. It was very sudden, so I asked to hold for my answer,” Ayako said. “As we have deepened the relationship including our family, friends and related people, I came to the decision and accepted this proposal.”

As per Japanese law, Ayako must leave the imperial family and give up her royal status.

Last year, Princess Mako too renounced her royal status to marry a commoner, a 25-year-old law firm employee and graduate student, Kei Komuro. (ANI)