Another fake baba arrested for cheating people with over 1 kg gold in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: With numerous instances of fake babas roaming in the city, another one got arrested on Saturday by Hyderabad police. They also recovered more than 1.372 kgs of gold ornaments and Rs 3.5 lakh cash from his possession.

Syed Ismail alias Abba Jaan, an interior decoration worker allegedly duped innocents with the promise of curing their ailments through his ‘extraordinary’ powers and black magic, reports Telangana Today.

Following the requests of people, Ismail would visit a religious place at Nellore to offer prayers for their well being. When he started to get a good response; he gained in their trust to cash it, through renting a place at Hakeempet Kunta in Tolichowki for his ‘consultancy’.

When people started to come from places to get cured, Ismail would tell them that they shall keep their gold ornaments and cash with him, stating that he would keep their jewellery and money in small pots for 40 days with a green cover.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Task Force) P Radha Kishan Rao said that he would mortgage the ornaments later in the city. Three cases were pending against Ismail at Banjara Hills police station.