Another Doctors Without Borders hospital destroyed in Saudi airstrike

New York, Oct 28 : Saudi-led coalition airstrikes targeting rebels in Yemen have destroyed a small hospital run by Doctors Without Borders in the northern province of Sadaa.

According to Fox News, the aid group said that no deaths have been reported but one person was injured.

Hassan Boucenine, the aid group’s head of mission in Yemen, said the first of several strikes came around 11 pm on Monday and hit a building housing the facility’s administration offices.

No one was inside at the time and when the second strike came in 10 minutes later, the occupants had evacuated the building, Boucenine said.

He said that the airstrike was an example of a complete disregard for civilians in Yemen.

Earlier, a Doctor Without Borders hospital was destroyed in Afghan city of Kunduz in a US-led coalition airstrike, killing 22 people. (ANI)