Another Dadri evaded in Delhi: Muslim family in shock after mob attack

New Delhi: The recent incident in Delhi capital has again proved that Muslims are not safe in the country.

According to information available, the incident happened on Wednesday after local goons entered the house of a Muslim family, assaulted them and vandalized their household goods.

The victim, Taslimuddin from Katihar district of Bihar migrated with his wife and children to Delhi.  Taslimuddin meets his family needs by selling the tea.

At around 7:30 pm Wednesday evening, when they were doing their Iftar, 3-4 people continue to knocked the door of his son-in-law, Muhammad Rafidul and abuse them but his wife refused to open the door.


After receiving no answer from inside the house, they went away and after a while came back with a crowd of 50-60 people, all of whom were carrying iron rods, pole and and other articles to damage the goods. Within no time, the mob gain entry into the house and allegedly attacked Mohammed Taslimuddin,  his wife Asiya,  Shahnaz Khatun, daughter, son Ashfaq and injured them.

Police delayed in registering FIR unless the incident came into light through media.

According to the victim’s family, this is not the first time that a Muslim family living in the area has been beaten. Prior to them, they were enough attacking on Muslims and the culprits easily escape with no legal proceedings.

After the incident, the panic family of the Taslimuddin does not understand where you go and whom to approach.