Another case of Mob Violence, a man was beaten up by six youth

Roshan Bint Raheem

Maharashtra: It is being claimed that another Mob Lynching incident has occurred in Maharashtra’s Jalgaon district at the well-known Phule market on July 15th.

Sad to hear that a 30-year-old, Asif Majeed Qureshi, resident of Deshmukhwadi, in Jalgaon was beaten up by a mob while he was shopping for vegetables from the market.

 According to Lokmat, a local newspaper of Jalgaon reports, the incident occurred on Monday at 8:45 p.m. A normal talk went into a heated argument with some local youths, over six of them attacked Mr. Qureshi and had got severe injuries.

According to his statement in a video, “they forced me to chant Jai Shree Ram” Qureshi says and upon his refusal, they started beating him again and again.

Later Mr. Qureshi went to the City Police Station to lodge a complaint against youth. The police official issued an arrest memo and sent him to the district hospital for medication.

A social activist for human rights, Mr. Mohammed Abdul Qayum said, “Where police department is coming up with special women police personnel and cyber-crime department, “A new wing and special police officers have to be deployed by the government to control and to stop these mob lynching incidents.”