Anomalies in OROP would be sorted out: BJP assures ex-servicemen

New Delhi: Asserting that the NDA Government at the Centre had fulfilled its promise on the One Rank, One Pension (OROP) scheme, BJP leader Siddharth Nath Singh on Tuesday assured that any existing anomalies in the scheme would be sorted out in due course of time.

“After almost 40 years of wait and many promises by the Congress government, the BJP has finally delivered what was promised. There could be some anomalies, which would be addressed in due course. Those who are opposing it must accept that if there are anomalies they could be sorted out. We promised it before the polls and we have delivered,” Singh told ANI.

“There are those who promised it in the last 40 years and never delivered. Trust in us, if there are any issues we will definitely sort it out in your interest,” he added.

The ex-servicemen started returning their medals from today to protest against the government notification on the implementation of One Rank, One Pension, which they have rejected.

Rejecting objections against the One Rank, One Pension scheme by some army veterans, Parrikar had yesterday said that it is impossible to satisfy everyone.

“We have fulfilled the main one rank one pension demand including the Voluntary Retirement Scheme. This is a democracy and one has the right to put forth their demand, but they can’t expect it to be fulfilled every time. You fulfil one demand and another one springs up,” Parrikar told reporters.

Veterans have listed seven deviations in the announcement, including annual equalisation, 2013-2014 financial year as the base year for calculating pension, taking the highest pension scale of 2013 as the base for calculation and not the average as announced by the government, not to link OROP with the seventh pay commission and accept that OROP once implemented will continue forever and in perpetuity. (ANI)