Annyeonghaseyo! Let your taste buds explore the flavours of Korea

New Delhi [India]: If you want some change on your palate, then Gurgaon has something really different, yet authentic to offer.

Trying their hands on the International cuisine, Lite Bite Foods have come up with Hahn’s Kitchen, to bring Korean meal to the Indian masses.

Located in One Horizon, Hahn’s Kitchen aims to not only present traditional Korean cuisine, but also a quintessential Korean vibe.

With a target to cater the global Indians, the restaurant offers one to know the unknown and explore the unseen.

The decor has been designed keeping in mind various traditional Korean elements such as copper tea pots, liquor bottles, honey pots and Korean paste bottles giving an insight to day to day culture, customs and lifestyle of Korean community.

Flaunting Korean private dining space, the restaurant has designed a traditional dining area where the guests are expected to remove their shoes before stepping in and eat from a low table to savour the authentic meal.

From traditional cuisine to progressive Korean food, Hahn’s Kitchen features a menu consisting of balanced nutritional elements, representing the five basic elements of the yin-yang principle. The menu is largely based upon rice, vegetables and meats and is a paradise for meat lovers.

On that note, the only aspect that can stand as a barrier to their mass approach is the lack of items to cater the vegetarians.

The Hahn’s Kitchen puts out a mix of classic dishes such as Gochujang Samgyupsal(a Korean dish of chargrilled pork belly with Gochujang Marinade), Bulgalbi (meat marinated in the blend of ginger, Korean dark soy and garlic), Yangnyum Chicken( lightly battered chicken in a sweet chilli sauce), Maneul Chicken (Garlic Chicken with honey olive oil Marinade), BusutTangsuyuk (sweet and sour crispy mushroom), Tangsuyuk (sweet and crispy pork) Kansyo Saewoo (crispy battered prawns in a fiery sweet and sour sauce) designed by Chef Son Mu of international repute.

They have also curated special set menus namely Katsu and Udon set, Ssambapset, Bulgogi set and more to provide the guests with wholesome experience of Korea.

So all the food-explorers, make your way for a palate expedition to taste and feel something new! (ANI)