Anna Hazare: Rs 80,000 crores has come into coffers of BJP as donation in last five months

India topped the list of corrupt countries in Asia in the last three years.

New Delhi: Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare has attacked the Modi Government at the Centre for its ability to bring down corruption in India.
He cited an article published in forbes magazine which quoted the Transparency International survey, which said that India topped the list of corrupted countries in Asia in the last three years.

According to the news reported in India Today, he told that “I am not claiming this but it being reported by Forbes Magazine after conducting a survey among the Asian countries.”
He also said that, in last five months Rs 80,000 crores have come as donation into coffers of BJP.

Anna Hazare told that “I have been silent for the last three years. When a new government comes we must give them some time. So I remained silent, but now the time has come to speak against them. I am going to start another movement for a strong Jan Lokpal as well as for the farmers of the country from March 23 next year.”

Speaking on famers problems, Anna Hazare expresses his concerns and said “The common people are still reeling under problems. The farmers of the country are suffering. Banks give loans to the farmers but slap interest as per their whims and fancies. The Reserve Bank of India must fix a rate of interest for all the farmers and banks should not be allowed to fix the interest for the benefit of the farmers.”

He further added that “The farmers commit suicide as they fail to get good price for their crops to repay the loan. There is no MSP for their paddy,”

Anna Hazara said that, even after 70 years of Independence, democracy in its true sense has not been achieved and added that “We do not want a government of capitalists. No Modi, no Rahul Gandhi. We want a government which works for farmers’ interests.”

Anna also told that he has written 32 letters to PM Modi but did not get single response from the PMO. He said that, he was silent for the past three years to give time to Modi government but now the time has come to launch a major anti-corruption movement.

Anna told that “I am going to involve everyone in the movement for a strong Jan Lokpal and farmers’ issues. I am going everywhere to speak to the people. We are ready to go to jail. But if they put us in jails we must ensure that every jail in the country should be filled by people.”

He further added that “Earlier there was a provision which made it mandatory for the officers to declare their assets but the present government abolished it. While the companies were allowed to donate 7.5 per cent of their profit to political parties, now any amount can be donated to the political parties.”