Anil Kapoor puts no pressure of marriage on his daughters

Mumbai: Actor Anil Kapoor tells his two unmarried daughters — Sonam and Rhea — not to be “old fashioned” whenever marriage comes up as a topic of discussion.

“He has never asked me to marry. I asked him, dad how do you feel that Sonam and I will marry one day. He said, ‘don’t be so outdated ‘beta’, you’re so old fashioned’,” Rhea told reporters here. “He has never put any pressure. All he says is work hard and make a fantastic body. That’s my father’s major dream for me,” she adds.

Rhea, who has produced “Aisha” and “Khoobsurat”, says her father would never worry about their school results. “It is very funny but apart from my career, my father’s biggest dream for me was to have six packs. I still remember I used to come back from college and I was like ‘this is my GPA’. He would look at me and say, ‘just be fit beta.’ I was studious in school but there was no reaction at all.” To which Anil replied, “It’s not about the six packs. If you’re healthy, you’re happy, it is beautiful. All your professional and personal ambitions will be fulfilled if you’re feeling good. Don’t take stress.”

Rhea said while growing up, she could never figure out if her father’s film became a hit or flop as the 60-year-old actor never let his children get affected.

“‘Don’t react, work hard and move on’, he always says that. He is positive, doesn’t have temper, doesn’t take stress. Everyone says your dad looks so young, I think that’s one of the reasons.

He doesn’t ponder over any negativity,” she says. Rhea and Anil were speaking at the Ensure Dreams Survey Conference, here. Neena Gupta and her daughter Masaba were also present at the event