Angry villagers run the tractor over tigress after it wounded a man

Uttar Pradesh: A tigress was beaten to death and run over in a village after it attacked a man who later died in the hospital. This came after a controversy over the killing of another tigress named Avni, which was believed to have killed 13 people in the last two years in a forest in Maharashtra.

A 50-year-old man was attacked by the tigress near the Dudhwa tiger reserve around 210 km from Lucknow following which the angry villagers marched to the core area of the park, allegedly beat up forest guards, snatched a tractor and then ran over the 10-year-old tigress when they found her. They also hit the animal with heavy sticks.

Mahavir Kojilangi the director of the Dudhwa National Park said “The 50-year-old man was mauled as he was going to his village, crisscrossing the jungle. Then some anti-social elements got together and beat the tigress to death. We have identified those responsible and we are going to file an FIR against them and get them arrested.”

According to the report published in the ndtv, Forest department officials said the tigress has never attacked people in the last 10 years. Officials have told the police to take action against the villagers who killed the endangered animal.

The villagers said they had complained to forest officials about the tigress several times and said the animal had been attacking their cattles for two weeks and they were terrified