Angry camel takes revenge, cutsoff the head of his cruel master from his body

Jaipur: When cruelty exceeds the limits, not only human being but animals also resort to taking revenge. Camel is supposed to be a faithful animal of human beings. In an incident which took place in Rajasthan’s Barmer district, an angry camel who was tied up in a hot Sun took revenge on his master.

The master of the camel was busy attending his guests in the house. Suddenly he recollected that his camel is in the hot Sun outside. He decided to shift the camel into a sheltered place. When he reached the camel, the animal was in an aggressive mood. The camel caught the head of the master and crushed him. Later, the camel cutoffs the head from the body. More than 25 persons were able to control the animal after struggling for 6 hours.

–Siasat News