Angrezz chale gaye magar…! For Patanjali, dark complexion is a disease

Although we keep on stressing upon “breaking the stereotype”, but still a majority of Indians hunt for a “homely and fair-skinned bahu” for their household.

It can’t be disregarded in our ideology, that we perceive “fairness” as a casing for every drawback. Our ads are such that no matter what, fairness gets oneself success for life or maybe “hereafter”?

Either we are what we see on screen or its the screen that shows the reality, in both ways we lack somewhere.

Even our own Yoga Guru’s Patanjali is not losing the run for considering “fairness as an ailment”.

The description of a beauty cream by Patanjali shamelessly says this and we quote: Possesses the benefits of wheat germ oil, turmeric, aloe-vera, and basil etc. which are extremely beneficial for skin ailments like dry skin, dark complexion and wrinkles. Patanjali beauty cream is not just another cream but is a skin nourishment tonic and treatment. It gives you the confidence of 100% natural beauty. Try it yourself and suggest to your family and friends.

We would like to reiterate that Patanjali is the same company that has remained in highlights continually for providing substandard products.

Divya Amla Juice and Shivlingi Beej, were found substandard in reply to a Right to Information (RTI) query in May, Hindustan Times reported.

Written by Afreen Pervez