Angelina Jolie feuding with Charlize Theron?

Los Angeles: Actress Angelina Jolie, who has often been rumoured to be on loggerheads with Charlize Theron, is reportedly angry after she got to know that the “Mad Max” star was being eyed to replace her in “Murderon the Orient Express”.

According to OK! magazine, the two stars have hated each other for years and their relationship only got worse after Jolie, 41, decided to pass on the remake of “Murderon the Orient Express”. She was apparently upset when Theron, 41, was considered to replace her in the movie.

“Angie is starting to think Charlize is obsessed with her and she’s sick and tired of it. She feels Charlize goes out of her way to target roles she’s associated with,” a source said, adding that Theron didn’t even care about Jolie’s opinions about her.

“She could care less what Angie has to say. In her view this is high school stupidness and Angie doesn’t deserve to be dignified,” the source explained.